Your Partner in Retention Marketing Success

Transform your customer relationships and boost your revenue with our specialised retention marketing services. For DTC brands, we offer the key to unlocking repeat purchases and sustainable growth.

Solace Bands

✅ 31% email revenue, up from 9%.
✅ 2X increase in revenue per recipient rate.
✅ 33% increase in repeat customers.
✅ 20% reduction churn within 30 days.

B Chic Fashions

✅ 490% increase in email revenue.
✅ 999%+ increase in campaign open rates.
✅ 336% increase in campaign click rates.


We analyse your existing email and SMS strategies, uncovering opportunities for sustainable growth and developing a custom fit plan to boost incremental revenue.


We create powerful email/SMS campaigns and flows with tailored designs and compelling copy, aimed at maximising revenue, boosting profits, and improving customer retention.


We analyse feedback to provide clear & actionable insights, ensuring ongoing refinement & improvement throughout our partnership.


We leverage qualitative research and zero-party data to optimise landing pages, paid ads, and other crucial channels for holistic brand growth, going beyond email and SMS.

Why brands work with Flowly

🔎 We are a boutique team that takes great pride in achieving success for our partners. Leaving no stone unturned in our quest for scaling our partners business.☎️ Consistent communication with bi weekly calls and dedicated work management system where you can monitor all work as it happens.📈 We focus on all areas of your business, leveraging email to drive product development, customer service improvement, customer acquisition etc.🤝 We are brutally honest with our partners, delivering meaningful data & insights, enabling you to grow your brand sustainably.Ready to scale your brand with a team that values your success as much as you do?

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